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Open CF case involving myself for neglect and dragging my boyfriend into case he had nothing to do with anything .

Quincy, MA |

I recently became homeless and have been staying with my boyfriend for about a month . He lives under section 8 housing . We are trying to find another place to live myself and my daughter . A 51A was filed on me for my daughter being present at a supposed drug raid at a house down the street . The claim was supported and now there is an assessment . I have been talking with an advocate , and am handling the cf case . They are now trying to drag my boyfriend into the whole thing because he has a closed cf case that was found unsupported due to his ex wife . He is scared that cf will report him to the housing authority for having us staying here until we get a place of our own . If they do that , we will all be homeless . Can they report him when the case has nothing to do with him ? ?

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I don't see any reason why DCF would need to "report" him to the Housing Authority. I don't know if they even make such reports, as putting people into a homelessness situation does not help the child they are seeking to protect. If the Housing Authority does receive such info about its tenants, what it would have heard, at this point, would only have been your case, as yours is the only case pending - his is speculative at this point. Legal tenant or not, DCF in this matter has you living at that address, so any consequences with housing would flow from your case. But again, I am unaware of such sharing of information. Focus on getting yourself on track, working with DCF and meeting its requirements, so that you can find your own home and keep custody of your daughter. Good luck.

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