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One of the companies forged my signature but i did not loose anything from it. can i still sue them for doing so ?

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I was working for a company and the client asked for some document to be signed which was sent to an email address my employer opened on my name and I do not have access to that email address at all and only they do so they opened it and signed it on my behalf. there was no financial or identity damage to me but can i still sue them ? if yes what will the judgement be most likely ?

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Absent damage to you, it makes no sense to sue. You could bring a lawsuit enjoining such conduct in the future, but without damages to go with it you have no money to pay attorney fees or compensate you for your time and effort.

Good luck to you.

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Is this STANDARD PRACTICE for this company to SIGN for their employees?
If they only signed a company document ON YOUR BEHALF (as their employee
or representative) then they may be legit in their actions. I don't particularly
agree with that practice but it's their company. You have NO damages to sue.
You could send them a CERTIFIED LETTER with your concerns and see what
they say in response. If you don't like the answer then consider reporting them
to your state's licensing agency OR then file a lawsuit on them. Good luck!



I agree with Mr. Pederson. if you have not suffered any financial harm, I would not see the point in suing. I would seriously reconsider whether or not this is the type of company that you want to work for though. After all, what else might they be wiling to do in your name?

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