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Once Probate is closed, can it be reopened?

Stockton, CA |

My mom passed away at the end of 2007. Her estate went through probate. The Order for Final Distrubrition has been signed by the judge, and the case is listed as closed. I signed a waiver of accounting and so did my sister. Neither one of us received a notice of the hearing for Final Distrubution, the court has a proof of mailing signed and dated by someone. We received our checks and a receipt form, my sister signed her receipt and cashed the check. I didnt. Can I have the case reopened so I can see all accounting now? The Order for Final Distrubution was signed about 3 weeks ago.

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If you can prove that you did not receive a notice of hearing you might be able to appeal the Order of Final Distribution, - but you have very little time in which to do it. It would also be expensive, so be prepared to spend several thousand dollars on legal fees "up front" as a retainer.

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