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Once my divorce paperwork has been filed, how long before it's final ?

Orlando, FL |

I live in Florida. My soon to be ex-husband got the divorce paperwork from the court house and had a paralegal fill it out. He gave me the waiver to sign and have notarized, which I did and returned to him. The divorce is uncontested and I believe that all the paperwork is complete. He is filing today in the Orange County Courthouse for the divorce.

Once the paper work is filed, when we will we be divorced? How will I get notified that it's final? Or because I signed a waiver, does that mean I won't get notified?

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If all of the paperwork is complete when your husband files it, then you are required to wait 20 days from the date of filing before attempting to have the final judgment of dissolution of marriage entered. Depending on what type of waiver you signed and whether it waived notification of any further proceedings, you may or may not be notified of the final judgment hearing. You are not officially divorced until the Judge signs the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, which typically occurs at a Final Judgment Hearing, which has to be scheduled with the Judge by one of the parties to the divorce.

My suggestion would be to keep checking periodically (at least once a week after the 20 days has expired) with the Clerk of Court in Orange County to see if a Final Judgment Hearing has been scheduled in your case if you want to attend the Hearing (and frequently, when both parties are pro se, the Judge will require both parties to be there). Even if you do not want to attend or do not have to attend the Hearing, you can still check with the Clerk to find out exactly when the Final Judgment has been entered, so that you can obtain a certified copy of the Final Judgment.

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