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Once a warrant has been executed. How long does a grand jury have to decide to indict a person on a felony case?

Houston, TX |

Warrant was served and did a walk though 3 months ago. No indictment has been done on the case. Is there a time frame the grand jury has to process the case and move foward on the indictment.

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You should call your lawyer and ask this question. Your lawyer should be able to tell you if the delay is due to the normal process your case is following or if he/she has done something on your behalf to delay your case. If you got a bond the State has 180 days to present your case to the grand jury, or they lose their bond. This means that they would have to re-arrest you and go through the entire "walk through process again." Needless to say this more trouble for you than it is for them, they can still bring charges against you until the Statute of Limitations runs, though there may be other constitutional arguments that can be made if they delay too long.

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It is highly unusual in Harris County for a case to take so long to indict unless they are waiting on some kind of analysis such as DNA or the grand jury is conducting its own investigation - subpoenaing witnesses, etc. Talk to your lawyer to determine what is going on with your case. S/he should be able to determine in a discussion with the prosecutor what the situation is, and how much longer they expect the case to take before indictment (if there is going to be one.)