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On Probation in Collin County no probation officer but transferring to Dallas. Caught same charge in D county. what do i do?

Dallas, TX |

I am currently under probation in Collin County for 12 months but I can get off in 4 months and it has already been over a month and I'm getting my probation transferred to a different county which is going to take 3 months and by that time I am eligible to get off probation early but I recently got the same charge in a different county which I am on probation in and i was wondering if this is going to violate probation or are they even going to find out about it. My court date is not going to be for a long time definitely more than 8 months. Please let me know what my next move should be. Thanks.

The county I am being transferred to is the same county I just got my second same charge. Dallas County.

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I believe you have asked this question before. Collin is going to file a pv. It would highly unusual of them not to. My guess is that early release is no longer an option and you need to be more concerned about staying out of jail. I have no idea what makes you think it will take 8 months to get a court date in Dallas. The only time this happens is when there is a case that involves blood or drug evidence that needs to go to the lab (and I thought you were charged with theft). The probation transfer is irrelevant. Your original case remains in Collin. What you need to do is hire an attorney that practices in both counties as soon as possible. Or you can sit around and wait for the pv warrant to hit and get arrested at any random time.

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First whenever you visit your probation officer they will ask if you have had any contacts with law enforcement. If you do not tell them then you risk that possibly coming back to haunt you in a revocation hearing with the judge who put you on probation. I would think they would find out and violate you soon. I am not sure why you don't think you case will be filed or have a court date for 8 months.