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On probation already was busted for havin meth pipe on me

Brainerd, MN |

on probation for weed bust was busted with a meth pipe been charged with 5th degree and voilation of probation what could happen

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There are many different factors that could come into play, but worst case scenario is that you can be looking at some significant jail time. What ever amount of jail time was originally stayed when you were sentenced for marijuana, could not be executed. There are many other resolutions which could occur, but it is likely that the judge and prosecutor are not going to be too pleased to see you back with another drug charge.

My best advice is to seek the help from an attorney, or apply for a public defender if you think you qualify. I hope you find this information helpful, and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions on this case. I wish you the best of luck.


If this is your first violation you should be pretty much fine. Prison time not going to happen. Local confinement possible. Best to get a Rule 25 through your home county and get into a county-funded treatment program. Get into the most intense program they offer you. In the meantime start attending NA and get a sponsor. You are obviously going to be under scrutiny and should be aware that a search warrant may be sought for your home, car, etc. Long term? Get a whole new set of friends. Good luck.


So the alleged violation and the new charge (if any) is based solely on alleged possession of a meth pipe, and nothing else? If that is the case, my guess would be that a Judge would not be overly harsh on a first-time probation violation, but may view continuing drug use as not only a violation but a problem to be addressed. If so, it may make sense to anticipate that concern, and take every possible step now, towards getting help and support for sobriety; as well as documenting steps taken. Asking the PO for advice on what can be done or should be done, then immediately acting on that advice could be quite helpful. While proof of steps taken tend to be credited, excuses and promises tend to be ingnored. Since more serious or repeated violaitons of conditions of probation are more likely to be met with significant jail time, it is also important to avoid possession and use of alcohol and other drugs, as well as people that might be using or in possession of those.


. I agree with the other attorneys. you should definitely get a chemical

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