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On parole in pa and got a dui in maryland

West Chester, PA |

I am on parole in pa, I am in a halfway house so I missed my dui court in maryland I wrote them a letter explaining where I was but they denied me and now have a bench warrent. What do I do now I don't come home for over a month what do I do so my PO don't find out?

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You may not be able to prevent it. They may run you upon your release from the house. If not, you can appear in MD and clear the warrant. Keep in mind that you are obligated to inform your PO of any new arrests and I advise that you do so.

David Bradley
Bradley Law Firm LLC


You should sit down and speak with an attorney immediately. Avoiding issues like this will result in your parole being revoked. Addressing this absolutely necessary. Eventually the PO will find out and lying about it will only result in more problems.


You should contact your Maryland public defender. Also, you should hire a PA attorney to advise you on the probation situation.
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