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On parole but i think its been to long

Santa Clara, CA |

i would like to talk to someone about , my legal termination of parole . i am asking for Free legal advice . i was arrested for vandalism in 07 / 24 / 2000 , i did time was released , ETC . on Dec , 22 . 2002 I compounded . I got arrested April , 23 . 2011 , severed until June , 26 . 2011 and been a good person ever since my parole officer says i get discharged on Dec , 2013 . I think that is to much time on parole . for a vandalism controlling charge . Please help me . Felipe Moreno CDC # 1990s at ( 408 ) 334 - 6986 call me please , Thank you ,

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Contact the public defender.

Robert Driessen

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You presumably had an attorney on your case, who should be familiar with the outcome of your case. I'd suggest giving them a call. Good luck.


If you email me I can give you instructions about how to do the calculation. It's just too long to answer on AVVO.


What your parole agent told you sounds about right. I think you meant that you absconded. That tolls the running of your parole period, meaning that the parole period remains in limbo until you are found again. You can have parole extended beyond the ordinary three year time frame if you violate your parole or if it is necessary. In your case, you had about 21/2 years of parole, then it got suspended, now you have 21/2 year left. That brings you to the maximum of 5 years parole.