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On i 130 form, what should i mark on relationship question for sister in law and my brother children.

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I'm applying for my brother and his family what should i write on relationship column because their is no option for sister in law and niece. Their is only sister , child option .p

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You cannot file for anyone but the brother. However if he is approved, they can immigrate with him on his visa, as "accompanying" relatives.

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You only list your brother as beneficiary and his wife and daughter as immediate relatives on page 2.



So i just need to apply only one i-130 for my married brother ,no individual i-130 for his wife and kids and what kind of supporting documents i have to send with application


I agree with my colleagues ... one I-130 for your brother ... list his family on page 2.

Prepare them for a 10-15 year wait.

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can only apply for your brother and there is a question on the I-130 (2nd page top) that will ask you to list your relative's spouse and kids - that is where you write them in and the relationship

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