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On form I-90 part 1., what is the meaning of U.S.Mailing Address-C/O ?

Brawley, CA |

There seems to be a row for entering a U.S. mailing address but directly following there is a row for entering a street number and name I take it for a U.S. mailing address.Can anyone please clarify this detail?

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The “C/O” you refer to in Part I of Form I-90 signifies, “In care Of…” The name of the owner of the home, resident of record for an apartment (whomever has their name on the lease), or legal guardian or parent of a minor are the names most often appearing in this section. The second line,directly under the "C/O," is for the residence number and street address.

I’ve learned from my practice that the US Post Office (USPS) does not deliver USCIS or Immigration Court documents to my clients if their name does not appear on the mailbox in the case of apartments or townhomes. Moreover, the US Post Office does not forward USCIS or EOIR correspondence even if the former occupant has provided the USPS with a forwarding address.

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