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On a parking ticket in NY is there any statue of limitations . I was told it was 2005. I was never was notified until now

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The ticket was from 2005 it was for parking I was unaware of this at all. It was on a car I never owned.
Do I have to pay this or is it to late to collect on this they said it was issued on 9/9/2005. I am no longer licensed in NY I have a NJ license.

Will this suspend me driving privileges in N.Y. state as well because it is not a moving violation. Will I just not be able to register any vehicle. Or nothing will happen after 8 years and 3 months of the date of the ticket. A collection agency called me.

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You can seek to have a hearing on the ticket if you never received it and you do not own the car. Contact DMV and move to reopen the case.

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Yes, I believe you are still required to pay the ticket.


You have to pay

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