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On a 2 year sentence to prison in TX, how long until a person is eligible for parole?

Mckinney, TX |

Charged with 3rd degree felony of Possession of Controlled Substance over 1g less than 4g. Was offered 2 years TDC. Don't have any backtime as I bonded out 3 days after being arrested. Any ideas of an average estimate of time that a person would have to do before coming up for parole, considering good behavior, would be appreciated.

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The minimum time a person would have to serve before becoming eligible for parole for the offense you described is one-fourth of his sentence, including good-conduct time (minus the three days of backtime credit you earned). How soon after that a person may actually meet with a parole review board is determined by the current inmate population and other factors, and there is not a specific timetable you can look to for that.