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Old landlord is trying to sue me for something i paid for already. what can i do?

Dearborn Heights, MI |

was in a horrible roomate situation where he didnt pay rent we were evicted, and my wages were garnished for the amount of rent owed. i recently recieved a letter from the attorney 3 yrs after it was paid off. i am not the only person on the lease and since my wages were already garnished i feel i shouldnt be responsible.

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More information is needed. What is the landlord trying to charge you for, now? Was there anything that was not paid, before? While it does not seem fair, it is likely that you and any other roommates were jointly and severally liable for any and all charges.

James Frederick

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Usually tenants are jointly and severally liable for the rent. So the landlord can collect it all from you and you have top go after them. However if it was paid you have the defense of "accord and satisfaction" or Res judicata.
Good Luck

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