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Old credit card has a garnishment for my wages i have no income if i file jointly with my huband will they take his taxes.

New Matamoras, OH |

i was not married when i had the card. i have not worked since long before they took me to court. i also have a daughter can he claim her without me? does she have to be claimed. she recieves ssi from my ex-husband.? i tried to call company and set up a payment plan but they wouldnt except an amt i could afford.

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There are several questions raised by your inquiry, so as always, I would recommend trying to consult with an attorney. However, based on the information you've provided, a credit card company would not have any basis to go after your husband if he did not agree to pay. Since you say only you signed the agreement for the card, you should be the only one on the hook.
With that said, if you and your husband have a joint checking account, the creditor may be able to hit that, but most courts in ohio will recognize your husband's separate income as exempt (there are a few that may not though, and could hold that 50% of those funds belong to you by law).
If you have no income, the credit card co. cannot garnish your wages (since you have none).