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Ok my daughter got arested for a pc484 she failure to apeared and a bench warrent now she in jail. how much time is she look at

Fremont, CA |

She been in there for three days can u tell me wat kinda time she getting

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It depends on a lot of factors. For first time petty theft I'd expect she'd be out soon but you'll need to get an attorney involved ASAP to make sure she doesn't spend more time in than she should be doing.

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Is this a felony or misdemeanor? As a felony the maximum is 3 years. If its a misdemeanor the maximum is 180 days. Felony theft is greater than $950.00 however it is not usually strictly applied. What the punishment is depends upon the strength of the case against your daughter and her record.


The judge can give her 5 days for the failure to appear. Beyond that she'll have to either fight the charges or deal with the DA. Either way she needs an attorney.

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