Skip to main content 16 and I stole a car.this is my first offense & have no previous arrest history.I also missed a court date. what the worst

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ive been arrested for domestic battery but charges were dropped, do to false charges. idk what to do and im seeking desperate feed back

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You badly need a lawyer and you badly need to stop talking about what you did in public. That means stop posting online and stop talking to friends or family. Speak only to your lawyer. You are in serious trouble.


You need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. You are facing serious charges and could spend time in juvenile detention. Do not talk about the issues with anyone else. Anyone you talk to about your case, except your attorney, can be forced to testify against you (even your parents in some cases).

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what is the worst they can get me for? time wise



and also what if my grand theft auto was dropped? what would be the worse for contempt a court?


Grand Theft is a 3rd Degree Felony, punishable by up to five years of supervision and some period of detention (the juvenile equivalent of jail). As a first offense, you should be given the benefit of a more lenient sentence, assuming that the State can actually prove the charges. There are many defenses that could be explored, so I would not assume that you should enter a plea. There's also a chance that the State may be willing to send your case through the Teen Court program, or another comparable diversion process that would allow you to earn a dismissal of the charge. There is a common misconception out there that juvenile offenses simply disappear after your 18th birthday. In Florida, this is absolutely false. Do not make a mistake that will result in a felony record. Talk to your family, pool your resources and hire the best juvenile attorney you can afford to help you. I do not take juvy cases in Tampa, but there are a number of well-qualified lawyers on avvo that do. I suggest you seek out their advice and agree that you should not post admissions or other facts anywhere on line.

Best of Luck!

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