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Ok i am 14 years old and this man raped my sister. so i sent him a message. would he be able to charge me for this?

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this was over facebook and a pm at that. he is a person with high power in a small town so can he sue me for charges? i never said anything threatyening of any kind. im ust a 14 year old brother who wants his sister to come home from florida. he made her move there cause she was scared he was gona rape her again... the messages were not harassing but more of just accusing messages

sorry heres a bit more info. can he sue ,me for harassment over a private message? that was in no way threatening? it was hardly an invasion of privacy either >_<

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He may be able to sue you for slander and libel. Since you are underage, the suit would also be against your parents. The good news is that "truth" is an absolute defense against such a lawsuit. The bad news is that he is powerful and may be able to prevent you from showing what is really the truth. I agree with the above attorney that you need to discuss this with your parents. Your actions may get them in trouble as well.

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sorry for all that is going on. you need to speak with your parents about this. re whether he can sue you, it doesn't sound like it would be wise for him to do so but you should not post anything else naming him and if you can remove it from your facebook page you ought to. what is done is done but you don't need to inflame the situation. good luck and god bless your family.

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