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Ok....I rent a mfd. home for over a year in ca. Almost the whole time I have lived here and paid rent, there has been habitabili

Corona, CA | heat, no running water (have to use neighbors hose for water due to inoperable well), rodents, broken windows, rotted floors with holes, broken stairways and porch crumbling, no railings, no window screens, locks, etc., no phone line, raw sewage flooding bath,toilets, sinks due to faulty septic system, disconnected ventilation under home, missing light fixtures, door knobs interior doors, the list goes on....Yes I really do have verifiable PROOF of this. DID NOT KNOW that rent could not be collected if certain conditions persisted. i had to fix well by myself due to landlord refusing and withheld rent to do so, now being evicted. Got first judgement set aside, stayed execution. Recommended course of action?

For the record...this mfd home is located in an unincorporated area of corona, NOT in a mobile home park...if it makes a diff.

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There is insufficient information to give you advice. The procedural posture of the unlawful detainer case is unclear from your post. Was the first judgment a default judgment or did you actively defend the unlawful detainer? If it was a default judgment, you get to start over in defending the unlawful detainer, and you really need an attorney to present the evidence of uninhabitability at trial. Did you raise uninhabitability as a defense in your Answer to Complaint?

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My spouse was present, default judgement possession only to landlord


You need to retain an attorney to take the case on a contingency basis. seek someone experienced in tenant representation. you can contact me for more info

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