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Ok.......if Chase did not send me a copy of the actual 1099C then i am assuming they did not fill one ot, correct?

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On CHase letter head with Chase address it proceeds to tell me that this is copy B of a 1099C but i pulled up the 2013 1099 C form and this is not it..........they have typed across the letter Box #1......Box #2..........etc........they typed "copy of the original" where on there does it say dept of irs - dept of treasury like irs forms always do..........a collector I know say they believe it is is Chases latest scam because the phone number it lists for questions regarding the phone takes you straight to Chase cardmember services........should I send this to an attny vs an accountant because it seems like now possible violation of collection practices........

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Take the letter you received to your tax preparer and have them look at it and advise you what to do,

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