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Ohio misdemeanor charge haunting me

Akron, OH |

I was charge with Obstruction of official Business in the year 2000. It was a stupid incident involving my girlfriend at the time being pulled over and being charged and my refusal to leave the scene. Anyhow I paid my $50 fine and did a week of community service. The years have gone by and I have since gone back to College to get my degree as a Teacher... I have nothing else on my record. I have to apply for a Criminal background Check and I remembered that this will be on it. I am completely worried that this will keep me from licensure and getting a teaching position after all of my hard work. Any advisement out there would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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You can get the misdemeanor expunged. You have to file a motion with the court and it will be removed, however certain agencies have access to expunged records. This appears to be a minor misdemeanor and may not have made it on to your permanent record.

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im about to be charged with a minor misdemeanor and i was told by a police officer i could wave it by paying 125 dollars and the charge would not be on my permanent record but the next day i went to the court house to pay it and they told me it was a new law that i would have to appear and there was no waver. im in college now and just worried and wondering if i go to court will the charge be on my record?


You should be able to get this charge expunged, as long as the State does not object. Since Obstructing Official Business is a misdemeanor of the second degree in Ohio, you only needed to wait one year from the termination of your case to file.

However, you need to be aware that if you are going to be working in a field that involves patients, children or students, your expungement will probably have no relevance, as employers in these types of professions will be able to locate the conviction. I had a past client that found this out the hard way.


There are rehabilitation standards that may allow you to teach if you meet them. Here is a link to the specific Ohio Administrative Code that applies:

You may be considered rehabilitated because the misdemeanor is more than five years old. You may also be considered rehabilitated if you have the record expunged. You should consult with a local attorney to apply to have the record expunged.