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Officer wrote down driver's license number on citation incorrectly, is it void?

Sacramento, CA |

I was pulled over for speeding, 82 on a 65. For detail sake, I was speeding up to pass someone to catch an exit, and he happened to catch me at that moment on radar. He claims I was passing people up on the road, but I wasn't.

However, the officer wrote down my driver's license incorrectly, he wrote a 2 instead of a 5, or so it looks like a 2 on the citation. Am I entitled to anything?

This happened in Sacramento, CA.

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This will not affect your ticket.




You may have other defenses, but the clerical error is not going to void the ticket.

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This is many times referred to as a "Scrivener's Error" and usually has no affect on the ticket or the charge. If there were several such errors in the ticket, you may be able to use that in support of a defense, but unlikely. As long as the charge is correct and you are properly notified of that charge, the case will go forward.

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Clerical errors do not get ticked dismissed .