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Officer says I refused chemical test and got court order but i did not.

Detroit, MI |

pulled over because i moved to prevent hitting a car and was stopped by police. I was asked to get out and if i was drinking. i said yes and took breath test. had problems blowing but was successful 1 time but not again. they said i refused and obtained court order for blood. will my license be suspended in detroit 36th?

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You really need an attorney to traverse the 36th dc. It is a very tricky place, but one can get very good deals there. I can help you with this matter. Visit to discuss. Tim Klisz


There are definately ways to help you but I would need additional information to know what your best options are. Please feel free to call me for a free consultation. Loren M. Dickstein (248) 263-6800.


License sanctions are now handled by the Michigan Secretary of State and you will receive a Notice of Suspension. The temporary license you received from the officer has appeal rights on the reverse side......USE THEM. You must file an appeal within 14 days of the ticket you received from the officer. If you do not appeal the "refusal", your license will be suspended. Additionally, the criminal charges filed against you in 36th District Court are serious, you will need an attorney to assist you in your defense.-Steven Bullock (Inkster)

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