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Obtaining legal guardianship of a minor child in the state of Oregon. Contested by parent and not contested

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My friend has temporary custody of her neice. The childs mother granted her 1year. I am trying to find information on how to legally gain full guardianship of this child until she is 18 in the state of Oregon. The child is currently 14yrs of age. The mother lives in Nevada. The idea that the mother could change her mind at any minute is causing grief for the child. Any advice or direction on how to legally get guardianship would be great.

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The mother has full control. There is nothing that you can do. The mother can come and claim her child anytime she desires. Sorry.



does anyone know about how to obtain gaurdianship back of my own children that I signed over several yrs ago for safety reasons to my mother and her partner? the father and I seperated and now lives with my parents and my kids. they will not let me see my children because they do not care for the person I am dating. what are my rights to my children? I have filed for joint custody and am awaiting response but untill then can they really withhold my children from me? when I have no drug convictions, no abuse, nothing that would indanger my children. roof over my head, full time job etc.... help please I miss my babies

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