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Obtained lawyer for child support enforcement and modification. The lawyer is not supporting me at all. He's working against me

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CS order is 140 a week +30 arrears. Lawyer told me to accept $77 dollars a week, ..Defendant ordered frm 1993 to have medical on child.
My lawyer told me it's not defendants fault he doesn't have medical. When it is court ordered from 1993! My Lawyer discussed my case in front of other parties and defendant in courthouse. I had to tell him to come inside the court appoint discussion rooms to discuss the case. Defendant makes 40,000 a year, has 4 kids. Mines is the oldest who has the 1st child support case. Second mother gets $125 a week and third childs mother get $120 per week and social security benefits for one of the kids.
Lawyer was rolling his eyes, sighing being very disrespectful. Every question I asked had a very unprofessional response. I dnt knw wat I should do!!!!!

Lawyer was more arguing defendant case and not mines. I had 2 ask him who hired him. Defendant lawyer argued he had medical coverage frm 1999-2008. My lawyer stated nothing about that being untrue in front of the judge. When he had medical coverage certificate that shows other wise. I was told just because defendant lawyer said he had medical coverage doesn't mean the judge listen 2 him. What happened to him proving this was untrue...Because I am asking for reimbursement of medical expenses. I am so mad at myself for trusting this lawyer. How do I address him with my concerns? I am glad I am not on trial for murder......

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If you do not have confidence in your attorney, you should obtain new representation. Trust is crucial to the attorney-client relationship and your concerns should be respected. Your attorney is your advocate in the courtroom. While subsequent children are entitled to support, your child(ren) should not be short changed. If you would like to discuss your case, I can be reached at 609-921-7770 ext. 5 or by e-mail at

Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Brown


The attorneys from your same state are the best source of guidance and up-to-date information. Good luck!

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