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Obstruction of Justice Charge Defense

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I was arrested on a Saturday night last month after I ran away from a security guard at a restaurant because I was outside vomiting from eating their food. I was outside of the restaurant, vomiting from a cheeseburger I ate, realized this was indecent exposure, and when I was approached by the security guard, I ran away. I went back to the same spot, waiting for my friend to come out of the restaurant and the cops pulled up, approached me, I put my hands up, and they arrested me for Obstruction of Justice without force.

I did not run away from a peace officer, I ran away from the security guard. Once the peace officers arrived, I complied completely. Do I have a case?

Moreover, will an obstruction of justice charge bar me from future employment? Thanks

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You wrote a couple of odd things in your question.

One, why would vomiting be indecent exposure? You certainly have the right to vomit outside a restaurant if your body does it involuntarily.

As for obstruction, I believe you're correct. Running away from a security guard is different than running from the police. However, even that doesn't sound like obstruction of justice.

I strongly urge you to speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

You may also want to find a civil lawyer to sue the restaurant for food poisoning.

Good luck.


You are correct. Based on the information you provided here, you should not have been charged with Obstruction of Justice. There appears to be no basis of this charge.

Obstruction of Justice may bar you from some employment, depending on the employer.

If you would like to discuss your case further, feel free to contact our office for a free initial consultation: 612-217-0077


A criminal conviction or guilty plea would not bar a person from all employment, but it would most likely preclude certain types of employment or occupational licensing, or influence some potential employers to choose someone else.

It is difficult to see how an Obstruction of Justice or an Indecent Exposure charge could be made given the facts described here. Unless there are more factual allegations than this, the defense should be able to defeat those charges.

These charges are serious. And so it would be a good idea to have good legal representation.