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Objection to Claim after Chapter 7 discharge

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I just received a document from my trustee entitled "Objection to claim and notice of opportunity to object and for hearing". Apparently, there were two claims. The first was from Capital One on the ground that the security has not been liquidated or valued. The second is from a mortgage holder who stated the same reason. I have been discharged months ago. The trustee has objected to the claims.

What does this have to do with me and should I be concerned?

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If you are the debtor, it has nothing to do with you. However, the Trustee is required to send you a copy of everything filed in your case.

If you are a creditor, the objection is saying that something is wrong with your claim - because you can look to the collateral to collect your debt and not to the bankruptcy estate.

Hope this info helps & good luck!


The trustee must have assets they are distributing. The Trustee sends out notices and the creditors have to file proofs of claim in order to get paid. You do not have to worry about this or do anything but you will get copies of the paperwork.


You do not have to worry about the claims. If there were any non-exempt assets that the trustee took from you to put into the bankruptcy estate, creditors would have to file a claim to collect against the bankruptcy estate. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, the trustee may believe that a particular creditor is not entitled to a claim at all.

You get copies of the objection to claim. Just keep them for your records.

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