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Objection to part of a subpoena duces tecum

Atlanta, GA |

How do you object to part of a subpoena duces tecum without deposition as a non-party to a lawsuit in fl ? The subpoena says I can object in writing to the attorney issuing the subpoena, but 410 of the Rules of Civil Pro. says you must file an objection with the court.

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It would be inappropriate for me to advise you without knowing more about the facts of your case, but generally speaking, if there is a legitimate basis for objecting to a subpoena, the procedure that is usually followed is to file a motion to quash the subpoena, which motion should be served on all parties to the suit (or their lawyers). I encourage you to hire a lawyer to assist you with filing that motion and resolving this issue, rather than trying to work it out with the lawyer who served you with the subpoena on your own. Attorneys who answer questions on this site are not supposed to use their answers to solicit customers, but individuals who read the answers are free to contact those attorneys for assistance if they choose to do so.

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