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Obama's deferred action for young people, do i qualify?

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I came here to the U.S.A when I was 5 yrs old and I am now 22. I graduated elementary, middle and high school here and I will graduate from college this semester. My concern is that if i qualify under the deferred action because I got a DUI by Minor when I was 18 in 2008, I did not get arrested. On the day of my citation I was ordered to pay a fine for driving without DL and insurance but was given deferred adjudication for the DUI by Minor so it would not be on my record. Would this be a problem? Also, I got arrested last year for driving without a DL and no insurance, I was taken to jail and I paid the amount of the fines to be released. I was given a court date and when that day came up my cases were dismissed and the city reimbursed me the amount that I had paid. Would I qualify?

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You need to schedule a consultation with an Immigration Attorney and and take all criminal dispositions so he/she can review and make a proper determination.

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Maybe.. we do not know if this would be considered a serious crime

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You should be ok.

You will be wise to meet with an attorney and not attempt the DA application on your own.

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Unfortunately, on the August 3rd conference call USCIS has indicated that a DUI will generally disqualify people for deferred action.

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You definitely need to get all your criminal record to make sure that the final disposition is as you say. If your case was changed into a a different case and you were a minor you have a very good chance to get positive discretion. If you have been convicted of a DUI as an adult then you would not qualify.

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