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NYC speeding ticket not entered online after a week. Do I wait for it to be entered online to plead not guilty or do I mail it?

Commack, NY |

So I got a speeding ticket in NYC a week ago. Today I go to plead not guilty online and a message comes up stating that the ticket hasn't been entered yet. I know I have 15 days to plead. I have 2 questions:
1) Do I wait for them to enter the ticket online to plead not guilty, even though this may exceed the 15 day limit to plead stated on the front of the ticket? and,
2) Lets say for some reason the officer never enters my ticket. If I plead not guilty by mail, what would happen in that scenario then?

3) Do I have anything to lose if I plead not guilty by mail, but then the officer never enters my ticket?

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Send it by mail with a not guilty plea. Do not wait for it to be entered online bc it could take a while and might be too late for you. Get a lawyer to help you fight the ticket


You need to send a letter at once entering your not guilty plea by mail.


In theory, your thinking is correct. When a client hires me to fight their NYC moving violation, my main practise, I never ha e the tickets mailed in. Although ver small, there is a percentage of times that the PO does not hand in his ticket. However, a week is WAY too early to even think that in this case. None appear on the computer before 3 weeks generally, and most take longer. The 15 days is not true. You have 35 and it must be on the system. That being said, you will need to be vigilant and keep checking or hire an attorney who does this regularly.


When you hire a lawyer they do all of that for you so you don't have to, plus go to court for you as well.