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NYC Public Urination Penalty

New York, NY |

What is the penalty for Public Urination in New York City under 116-18 6, and does it go on your permanent record?

Isn't the correct code 16-118 6? Or this a different administrative code that is also for public urination? Your advice is much appreciated, and thank you in advance!

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Attorney answers 2


It is a violation of the adminisitrative code and not a crime so it does not go on your record. Normally when you appear you pay a fine (from $25 to $100)and go home. Just don't ignore it so that a warrant doesn't issue due to your non-apperance.


I agree with the previous answer. However, it should be added that generally, the initial charge is treated as a misdemeanor.

The summons is just that, a summons to appear in court and find out the charges against you. As per the previous, answer this summons should be taken seriously and the likely disposition should be a violation which is not a crime.



I`m from Chile and could not appear in court. What should I do?