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NY Separation & Settlement Agreement Requirements

Staten Island, NY |

In New York State, is a written Separation & Settlement Agreement required when filing for an uncontested divorce? We've been married for 5 and a half years and there are no children, no property, no joint credit/debit/accounts/debts/loans, no health insurance, no pension, no joint anything, and neither party wants spousal support? We are both aware of our rights and just wish to self-file for the divorce and move on with our lives as quickly and as amicably as possible. Thank you.

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A settlement agreement is not required, however be sure that there are no open issues which may arise in the future. A short agreement may be prudent wherein each party waives anything form the other in writing.


No. There is a form of decree that you can get from the court clerk if you are doing this yourself. You just retype it for your case.


New York "no fault" statute will allow either one of you to file for divorce. In this case since it seems you and your spouse both want a divorce and there are no issues between you two, go to court and request an uncontested divorce package and fill it out. Once done correctly, file with court.

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