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NY Family Court, is there a page limit on a reply brief?

New York, NY |

In Child Support case. Reply to Opposition to Motion to Compel.

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At the Family Court level, there is no known limitation, but you're best advised to check with the part Clerk. The Judge/Magistrate has the discretion of rejecting overly-voluminous papers. A good rule of thumb is not to exceed 14,000 words (borrowed from the Appellate Division's rules) between the affirmation, affidavit an any accompanying memorandum of law.

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Not that I am aware of; however, absent my own certainty on this issue, what I would suggest, if no other attorney replies to this inquiry with certainty, is speaking with the Court to determine whether it adheres to a specific set of court rules. Procedure can vary from court to court, so even if you do receive a firm answer, it may still be wise to call the court as a precaution. Good luck!


There is no state-wide rule but you should contact the part clerk to see if that judge / magistrate has his or her own rules. Regardless of whether the court has rules on the issue, generally, courts do not want unnecessary voluminous documents.

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