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NY - Marshal's Notice - Business debtor, but my home is listed as business address. Can Marshal take anything?

Brooklyn, NY |

The corporation through which I do business was sued. We never received notice or were never served for the case in Civil Court. We received a marshal's notice to my home (the corp address as well). Can the Marshal take any of my personal belongings? The business has no assets and we closed our doors. I did not agree to be personally liable to the "creditor." Is there anything I can do to stop the Marshal from coming to my home, considering that we never did any business out of my home?

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Practically, nothing is going to happen. However, you can try to vacate the judgment if you want. The process for the Marshal to take stuff is complex.


Why is the marshal looking for you? Were you evicted?

Edwin Drantivy

Edwin Drantivy


If not and it is a pure debtor-creditor issue, you may need to vacate a default judgment if it is not too late.

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