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My name is Natalya. I married a US citizen. I never been in US. I got approval I-130 form from USCIS and now my case in NVC Center. We are outside of United States with husband. We paid already to NVC AOS bill and IV bill, which they ask before and we send them also DS-260 application, which they was asking for.
I want to find out from your advice, please tell me: They will inform us by e-mail with asking us to send them special documents, which they need for NVC or we should not wait from them and just send them ourselves documents, which they mention in their website ? I mean when to send them documents? When they ask for or ourselves now in any time? Can we send them by e-mail or it's need to do by regular mail? Thank you so much for answer.

I'm sorry to bother you again. Tell me please, when NVC should send us barcode, because barcode we need to put on Affidavit Support Form. We can't send them AOS Form, because they don't send us barcode yet. We already paid them 2 bills - IV 88$ bill and AOS 230$. Then we send them by e-mail DS-260 form. They said they will review this application Form in 3-5 days. Is there another third bill we should get from NVC to pay or it's only 2 bills, that's it?! Thank you very much for detail's answer.

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You should do no such thing. WAit for the instruction letter and follow it to the letter. These letters are very specific and the better you comply the sooner you will have your interview.

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Congrats for the I130 approval. As Mr. Segal suggested, follow the instructions.

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Wait to receive mail and instructions from the NVC.

Please click the link at the very bottom for additional information.

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If I understand you correctly, you have paid the fee bills and you have submitted the DS-260 application. If you or your husband log into the system for paying the fee bills again, and see that the status is "paid" then go to the links that show what civil documents you are required to send to the NVC. You will see on the web site that it states that once the fee bills are paid, you must next submit the civil documents and affidavit of support with the cover sheets that you print from that page. You will not get another email from the NVC inviting you to send the documents. You have already been informed of this next step when paying the fee bills. Follow the instructions from the NVC web site and send in all the required documents and affidavit of support now with the two cover sheets that you print from the web site.


Hiring an experienced attorney who can answer these and other important questions can be a real benefit, so I hope you consider that route.

Otherwise, please follow instructions you receive from NVC and that are also found on their website. I'm fairly confident is says in a number of places that an applicant should not send in anything until asked for. This does not mean that you shouldn't be preparing in advance.

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