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Now that I have a new social security number due to deferred action how do I file my back taxes

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I had been working under a false social security number and I never filed taxes out of fear of being discovered. Now that I have been accepted under the deferred action program and I have my own, correct, social security number I want to file my back taxes. My immigration attorney told me to approach the social security administration and explain that I was given the card to use and now that I have a valid one to ask for my information to be switched over. I would then have to go about filing back taxes. I do not want to get in trouble. I just want to follow the legal path and stay on the straight and narrow since I will be deported if I am charged with any crimes.

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I would strongly encourage you to use a CPA for this process or a service like H&R Block. While you will have to pay for services, it will ensure that the filings are completed correctly and you will hopefull come out even after paying for the services, or possibly ahead, by having someone apply the necessary deductions, etc.

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I would follow your lawyer's general advice, but will also note that he or she is not an accountant or CPA. I would run this by an accountant or CPA (not your neighborhood H & R Block but a place where you will get more individual attention. You can amend your tax returns for the last 4 years. No more.

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Talk to a CPA.

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While a CPA might be fine, I would suggest a tax lawyer. They will be able to handle not just the proceedure but also any legal ramifications. They might also be able to broker a reduced payback. If you are in the situation where taxes were withheld but you did not file because of the immigration issue, you may actually have a refund coming.

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There is no simple answer since you don't list the number of years you didn't file or the amounts to be taxed. Also, you will have penalties on these amounts. Begin by finding a CPA/Attorney who has a LOT of experience working with the IRS - and a good relationship with them, too. Ask him or her what facts and figures you need to provide to get the process going. If your first language is NOT English, be sure to find a CPA who speaks your language perfectly since there is a lot of detail to cover.

Since I am not licensed in the State of Pennsylvania, I encourage you to find a professional tax person who is close to you. Call the Bar Association of Pennsylvania for a good referral.

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