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Now, that I have a baby with my ex-girlfriend but my mother and her doesn't get along.

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Well, since I signed the birthday certificate that I am the father do I have any rights to take my baby to my brother without the mother? Because she doesn't want to without her being there, but like I said I am the father so that must be okay right?

I mean to my mother without the baby's mother.

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Yes of course you have rights. You should go to court to have a custody and visitation order entered to define what your rights are. When you have your child with you the mother cannot tell you where you may go or who you may visit unless there is a court order forbidding your baby from being around certain people.

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No, that' snot okay. Your rights regarding your child will be defined by court order. Want to be involved in decisions affecting your child; like healthcare, school, etc.? Hire a lawyer and go to court.

Want visitation? Hire a lawyer and go to court.

Want to spend time with the child over Thanksgiving or Christmas? Hire a lawyer and go to court.

By signing the VAP (the form for the Birth Certificate) you make it easy for the State to collect child support from you. That form, however, does NOTHING for you int eh way of custody nor visitation.

Call a lawyer.


Just signing the birth certificate alone is not enough. You need to file a paternity action to have custody and visitation established. You will need an attorney to assist you with this.

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