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Notice of substitution of attorney.

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If the opposing party susbtitutes in a new attorney, must I also get a copy of the susbtitution form? How soon after?

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All parties should receive copies of the Substitution of Attorneys, and the copy filed with the Court needs to have a proof of service showing that all parties were served.

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Yes, they are supposed to serve you with a copy of said form, via 1st-class U.S. mail, before/at the time they file it will the court.


Yes it should be mailed to you concurrently with its being filed with the court. When it is filed with the court it should bear a proof of service showing that it was served on you by mail or fax or hand delivered to you. However, if you have not appeared in the case as a party or have not provided the court with a proper address for service then you will not be served. For instance if you are a defendant who has not yet been served or appeared you will not get the substitution until you appear.


Agree. I would go to the court website and check the Register of Actions everyday. Then, you won't be caught by surprise.

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