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Not testifying as defendant in CLETS DV restraining order case?

Glendale, CA |

My attorney advise me not testify in DV restraining order case in case the DA decides to file criminal charges in future. My wife will testify as my witness against a relative allegations who filed the restraining order against me. Can I still win or will the judge think I am hiding something?

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Without more specifics on what happened (and you should *not* post the specifics online), it is hard to tell. Since you have an attorney, why not have him represent you in the civil DV hearing? To not defend yourself there means that you might loose by default.


Your attorney is correct, if you testify that could be used against you. You can assert the fifth amendment or even request a continuance.

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I do limited scope agreements, where I only prepare the papers for court and try to prepare you for testify; I always recommend using an attorney when you can afford one as that usually increases your chances of winning.
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In child custody, the simplest explanation is “what is in the best interests of the child (ren). In support proof of earnings, needs of the children and percentage of time spent with the child(ren).

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