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Not sure what type of job to look for

Richmond, VA |

got hurt on the job and in order to get workers compensation i have to summit job applications for light duty work

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Ask for light duty assignment and support request with doctor opinion.


It is imperative that your doctor provide you with a detailed list of work restrictions which you are to observe. Never leave the doctor's office with a piece of paper that only says "light duty." Light duty for an ironworker is very different from light duty for a secretary. Rather, the doctor needs to indicate exactly how much weight you can lift, push, pull, etc.; And whether there is any restriction on overhead lifting, bending, stooping, ladder climbing, or any other activities.

You simply hand this job to human resources and request that you be assigned to any job where the employer will be able to accommodate your restrictions. Good luck.

I understand that many people think we are guiding them to hire an attorney just to line our pockets. Please understand that no one looking to get rich practices in this area of law. There is no doubt in my mind that your claim will proceed much more smoothly, you will have far less frustration, and you'll probably realize a better result if you hire experienced counsel to represent you.

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Your job is the first place to look for light duty work. If they are unable to accomodate your restrictions then you should continue to get full benefits until you are released, so you probably don't have to look for light duty work unless you want to do so.. If you are going to look, be sure to stay within your restricitions and attend all the drs appts so that you dont give the ins co a reason to terminate your benfits. I suggest you meet with a VA workers compensation atty to discuss these issues and how they apply in your state.


Whether or not you have to provide proof of "marketing" depends upon whether or not you are under an Award from the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. I cannot tell from your questions whether or not you have an Award, but if you have look for light duty work you need to look for any work within your restrictions and that you are qualified to do. Some guidelines are available on the Virginia Commission's website, too. If you want a further explanation, please feel free to call me.