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Not sure what kind of lawyer to contact regarding divorce, bankruptcy and debt relief?

Phoenix, AZ |

Trying to assist dad through separation/divorce but there is a great deal of debt. Stepmother handles all finances and is being secretive about mortgage and credit card debt. All cards in dad's name maxed out and he is adament that he did not charge them. The house was said to be in "foreclosure" and he was told by her that he had to move out BUT we found a statement indicating that the house payment was reduced for the next year. Ran his credit report and discovered this information. The debt on the home, 2nd mortgage and credit cards are all in my dad's name ONLY. He is in default on all of these accounts. Stepmother is jobless, on unemployment, having an affair Need is allowing me to help but need to know what direction to take this so that he is not left high and dry

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Sounds like you need someone well versed in bankruptcy and divorce. In the alternative, oftentimes a family law attorney and bankruptcy attorney can work together to make things go smoother. High amounts of debt make divorce more difficult, therefore, it's important to get a handle on that before proceeding.

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