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Not sure if I need Business Contract (LLC), Real Estate, Trust Lawyer, etc

Carlsbad, CA |

Thanks for reviewing my question (reposted due to my incorrect tags). Our intent is to hire, but answers will be helpful in making that decision.

We own a single family rental in CO (we live in CA), lot zoned for a duplex. We plan to partner with a CO developer. We put in the "land" (our house), he builds a duplex, we split the profit.

LLC will be formed with our Family Trust and Developer as members. Property will go into LLC, Developer will pay off existing mortgage before demo/construction starts.

We need LLC contract reviewed to answer our questions, and highlight pitfalls we don't see.

Seems to be a straightforward 9 page LLC contract. We prefer a local lawyer (Carlsbad CA) but not sure if it should be CO. Also unsure if this is Business Law, Real Estate or Trust, etc.


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as the LLC is being formed for a development in CO., it is recommended that you retain a real estate lawyer, with business background to assist in review of LLC contract.

You may also want to contact your Trust attorney to advise him or her that you may be adding this asset to the trust.

AVVO and the Colorado Bar Association can provide you with attorney referrals.

Good luck.



Thanks for taking the time to comment, a Real Estate lawyer with biz background sounds great. I should probably have posted this question with Colorado as the state, not California, and unfortunately there seems no way to change this after posting.


You probably are going to need a local Colorado attorney to help you with this. A business, real estate or construction attorney in the area where your property is would probably be best.
Use the find a lawyer link.



Thanks for responding Nicholas. I didn't know about the find a lawyer link, will try that. Was hoping a CO lawyer may respond here too.