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Not paying court ordered fees.

Saint Cloud, MN |

Four years ago In my original divorce papers, my ex was to pay one half of all sports fees for our children. He didn't pay any of it. Then 2 years ago we went to court over custody, which he lost, and he was still suppose to pay these fees. He has no tpaid these.. This year he took me back to court again over visitation and wanted all these fees dropped. The judge denied his motion to have these dropped. He still refuses to pay these bills. The child support office cannot help as they only do the medical and dental bills. Where do we go from here?

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If your judgment and decree identified these fees as additional support, you should be able to have the court reduce the amount he owes you to judgment and categorize that judgment as child support arrearages. Then the county should have no problem collecting for you. If they still won't collect it, you can garnish his paychecks. The first step, however, is to have the amount he owes you reduced to judgment. When you were back in court the last two times, didn't your attorney ask for judgment on these amounts?

You should contact an experienced family law attorney.