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Not givin standard test

San Lorenzo, CA |

I was not given standard field sobriety test except for finger to nose test it seemed like he was trying to rush me thrue the test to get to pas test wich I refused. But I gave blood at jail voluntarily why would chp do test in this manner

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he did you a favor by failing to do the other tests. it doesn't matter why he didn't it just matters what the report says about your driving and objective symptoms of alcohol. I suggest consulting with an attorney before get any further down the line.

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The lack of testing theoretically could have been a detriment for determine probable cause for your arrest, i.e. the officer had less to determine pc. However, it may benefit you in the long run. You may be able to attack the basis for the arrest and suppress the blood draw, or, if not and the blood comes back low, to undermine the UI claim. Hire counsel to do it right. You will be lost.

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I cannot explain other's actions or thoughts for that matter because I'm terrible at reading minds. Nonetheless, it appears you may have some great facts in your favor so I recommend contacting a local attorney who can assist you. Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation, so I suggest meeting with at least one soon while the facts are still fresh in your mind. Not only for that reason, but by contacting an attorney early you have an opportunity to confer with the prosecution beforehand with the possibility of having the charges rejected altogether before the court date.
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I agree with the other attorneys who have posted here.

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Why would they give it in that manner? Why not?/! Do you think the CHP or any police care about proper procedures once they think they have you stuck on a DUI beef? Since the overwhelming percentage of people who are arrested for DUI plead guilty regardless of merit, the cops increasingly cut corners in gambling that they don't need to put together a solid case. Yours is probably fightable, if you get a real DUI lawyer [not the jail-mailers!] who knows how to fight such things. Most of those things are fightable and winnable, the law properly understood.