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Have owned my condo for 23 years. During the 23 years a person almost next to my apt. on ground floor, who does not speak any English, has chosen to annoy me to a great degree. Following me constantly while in laundry room, getting mail, and EVERY TIME she hears my keys opening my door!
I took her to Court in May 2013 for STALKING. The complaint was valid, but she and members of her family ALL LIED TO THE JUDGE, stating ,i.e. "she did not know me" I have been there the same as she... 23 years or so... Anyway, I would have thought this had taught her a "lesson", but "Oh No" she's back at it again. The Condo Board and Mgr. and Mgt. Co. "SAY" THEY CANNOT GET INVOLVED BECAUSE IT IS BETWEEN SHE AND I", but....she does not speak English! Everyone knows about her.

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The association should not get involved in neighbor to neighbor disputes. It never ends well for the association. You need to consult with a lawyer to address this situation. If she brought witnesses and you didn't the only thing the judge could do was to determine who was more credible based on testimony. Try carrying a camera or camera phone. You can take her picture in public places where there is no expectation of privacy. If she gets the idea you're gathering evidence she may knock it off. Talk to a lawyer about this to determine what areas would be considered public.

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The problem when you went to court last time was that you did not have evidence. If you have a camera or video camera, start taking photos or videos of her following you. Smart phones are great for this, as most people usually have their phones with them everywhere they go. I would prefer video, as you can hear the conversation and see the sequence of events. That is good to prove that she is following you, not you following her. Hopefully, you will not need to got o court again but if you do, you will have the evidence to back up your complaint.

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