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Non custodial parent wants custody, looking for attorney.

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I've had custody of my child for 10 yrs and the other parent now wants custody. The other parent has always made poor decisions and only recently come back into the child's life. My daughter is 14 and I know that she can only voice her opinion in court but the court goes by he best interest of child, what are the odds of a judge even changing custody? The other parent has DV charges, had back child support that I wiped away in court, barely even sees our daughter when there is a shared parenting plan in place now. This is just recent.

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It either you have Shared Parenting Agreement or Sole Custody. In either case in order for the other parent to change custody he/she must show the change in circumstances - not his/her own but child's. The child's voice will definitely be considered since she is fourteen. Unless you have some issues, it is very unlikely that the current arrangement will be changed.

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The only change is that we are moving to a different county still in Ohio.

Irina Alexander Vinogradsky

Irina Alexander Vinogradsky


it would not count if everything else is the same


You need to speak with an attorney immediately. Domestic relations actions especially custody are governed by fact specific situations. Without knowing what all has occurred since the last change in the parenting plan, I am unable to tell you whether or not you qualify for a modification.

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Two attorneys have given you advice. You need find an attorney to explore modification. There are many attorneys close to your area that you can find on this site.

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