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Non-compete was part of hiring process, fired after 2weeks, could I get out of noncompete?

Mercer Island, WA |

Worked for a company in WA.Got job working from home selling services for company based out of Missouri that is branching out to other parts of US. My territory was in Los Angeles only. Believe I was unfairly fired because direct boss was upset over my salary and she had hired someone to do my job but CEO overrode her decision. In any case, non compete says I can't work within 100 miles of any location where they provide services. They are just starting in the Seattle area. I am trying to get my job back that was in WA. I was very successful and left well. New company that fired me is offering me a 1 month severance with a long letter to sign. I do not trust them at all - I am a single mom with no money and scared to death.

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Attorney answers 3


You need to hire a lawyer to analyze this situation.
-Alex J. Higgins


You should sit down with an attorney and discuss your situation. Most attorneys offer a free consultation and would likely be able to give you at least a rough idea of what your rights and obligations are here.



Gavin was very helpful, was patient and I would highly recommend him.


It appears we are unanimous. You need to consult with an attorney with experience in dealing with employment and noncompete agreements. Based on your statement of the facts, it is difficult to assess your chances of success. For anyone else who might be reading this, I will tell you that no employee should ever sign a non-compete agreement as a condition of employment without first consulting an attorney. Generally it is OK to sign an agreement to not transfer or mis-use trade secrets and other proprietary information--but giving up your right to obtain other employment in your field is almost always a bad idea.