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Non-appearance in civil suit

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A relative caused serious injuries to me and other people in a car accident and left the country to avoid liabilities. They received summons from other plaintiffs and filed a response. In my case that was served months later, they were served personally out of the country but have chosen not to answer. All lawsuits are pending.

Now, I understand from an earlier question, that my chances of collection if there is a default judgement is slim. My question is not about this.

Can I get a warrant and criminal charges going if the defendant intentionally refuses to participate/depose, etc, knowing that they are "out of reach"? What options do I have?

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You need to go get a default judgment and then try and collect on it. You can try and get them to appear on a debtors examination to ascertain their assets but good luck if they are out of the country. Sounds as if you will have a judgment that is worthless.

You cannot obtain a warrant and no criminal charges will be filed.

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You can only pursue a judgment in your civil action.

You cannot obtain a warrant, nor will criminal charges be filed. These are not options available to you.

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A warrant and criminal charges are not available for failure to participate in the civil suit. However, if you do get a judgment, you are entitled to discovery concerning someone's assets and you may get sanctions or a court order compelling that information. If you suffered injuries because of a deliberate act, as opposed to a negligent act, you should have contacted the authorities to see if criminal charges would have been justified. You do not specify how this occurred so I cannot comment further on this or whether the charges could even be brought at this time.


Your remedies are limited to civil, there will be no criminal penalties