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Noisy Neighbor Issue, Can i get evicted for complaining too much?

Phoenix, AZ |

I have a seriously loud neighbor, who was talked to on several occasions about their noise, upon final warning they were told they would be evicted if I had to go into the office and complain again. Upon final warning, woman claims she has mental deficiencies. So now managers hands are tied. I can't take it anymore, she slams the door, lets her child scream, she makes odd noises, all night long. Its interfering in my life and I cannot take anymore. I have spoken to the neighbor to her face and requested she stop making banging noises and slamming doors. I cant afford to move, nor can I afford to hire an attorney to get me out of my lease. What can I do? My hands are tied and I am beyond frustrated.

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Use the police

Then, use the police reports to evict.

Act or live with it.

If you will not use a lawyer, then you will have to dig in, study the law and do it yourself.

In my jurisdiction, success rates plummet to less than 25% when parties represent themselves.

Good luck.


I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with a loud neighbor, it sounds like a horrible living situation and I empathize with you.

Complain to the police if it is really that loud, and if the police find validity, it could lead to eviction for your neighbors (consider this in depth because I would never want to throw a family out on the street, I'd rather continue to try to work with them).

In addition, talk to your landlord about possibly moving the noisy neighbor or be willing to move yourself. Generally, here in Arizona, landlords have a duty to provide "quiet enjoyment" of the leased premises, and the tenant may terminate if "enjoyment is substantially impaired." This is usually utilized when a fire or something else destroys part of the property, but you can try to talk to the landlord about it.

This does not create any attorney/client relationship, just some advice to try to help you out.

Good luck.

John Torgenson

Benedetto Torgenson, PLC

Phoenix, Arizona