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No heat or hot water (furnace died), landlord unresponsive

East Greenville, PA |

Our landlord has been pretty good up to this point. Our apartment has had several issues which have ranged from leaks from the ceiling, the shower not working, and the furnaces sputtering and we have only lived here for just short of a year.

Our issue right now is that the furnace is dead- it won't turn on, it appears to be something to do with the power control on the furnace itself. Anyway, this happened 5 days ago and we have called, emailed, and text message our landlord dozens of times through the days because we have no heat or hot water (and it is cold out!) and our pipes may soon freeze. It was down to 50 degrees during the middle of the day today. (We had to go out and buy space heaters)

What can we do since he won't answer or reply to us?

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Attorney answers 1


It appears you have a habitability issue. In Residential leases, in most States, the landlord warrants the premises to be livable. Lack of heat and hot water is a habitability issue. Your landlord, by failing to remedy the problem, breaches the warranty. Depending on Pa. law you may break the lease, not pay rent, repair and off set the rent on notice to the landlord. You may wish to consult with a Pa. attorney, since I am not a Pa. attorney.